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Tips & Gear

Distance running .....many people run, many people have run long distances. The following comments are just some personal experiences in my short time in this sport.

Firstly I think that if you do any type of r unning well done and keep going, enjoy it, let it be fun and part of your life. It is so simple and so rewarding.

First Tip - 

SHOE'S - your feet will thank you for the best possible coverage however there is a variety of experiences out there and all have merit and are worth a look. everything from minimalist through to the advanced options - you will know when you are wearing the right shoe for you. I was lucky to be sponsored with a supply of Puma shoes whilst on my many runs and I have to say from my humble perspective they really did the job. Having used 9 pairs whilst on the run in Chile, I recall on many occasions getting to the end of the run life of one pair and stepping straight into the next and not only feeling a renewed energy in my step but also I was amazed that I had no need to wear them in or adjust to the new show, they just slipped on and made the job easy. 

Puma have some wonderful models with a wide range and their lightweight construction really captured my attention.

Try out a pair - 

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